Project Documents

The following documents are available for your use and records.

May 4, 2017 Public Meeting Exhibits
Public Meeting Presentation
Public Meeting Exhibit (Panel 1)
Public Meeting Exhibit (Panel 2)
Public Meeting Handout

2014 Design Exhibit
2014 Design Exhibit #1
2014 Design Exhibit #2

Public Information Meeting
Public Information Presentation
Public Information Flyer
Public Information Ad

Public Hearing
Public Hearing Edition of the Project Development Summary Report [High Res/Slow] [Low Res/Fast]
Appendix A - Alternatives Considered [High Res/Slow] [Low Res/Fast]
Appendix B - Preferred Alternative [High Res/Slow]
Appendix C - Typical Sections [Download]
Appendix D - Design Variation Package [Download]
Appendix E - Pre-Final LRE-11-17-2009 [Download]
Appendix F - SR 45 Safety Analysis [Download]
Appendix G - SR 45 Access Management Study [Download]
Appendix H - VE Resolution [Download]
Appendix I - Spot Speed Study [Download]
Appendix J - Advance Notification and Agency Coordination [Download]
Appendix K - EDTM Summary Report [Download]
Environmental Determination Form (Type II Categorical Exclusion) [Download]
Public Hearing Flyer [Download]
Public Hearing Advertisement -12/14/09 for DOT Website [Download]

General Project Information
Project Location Map [Download]
Project Schedule [Download]

Newsletter #1 [Download]

Public Kickoff Meeting
Opinion Survey [Download]
Kickoff Handout [Download]
Display board #1 [Download]
Display board #2 [Download]
Display board #3 [Download]
Animated presentation [Download] Notice: file size is 240MB. Please be patient while downloading.

Alternatives Public Meeting
SR-45 Alternatives Public Meeting flyer [Download]
Alternatives Public Meeting Handout [Download]
PowerPoint Presentation [View the slideshow]
Typical section board [Download]